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How to Book an Appointment

All surgeries are by appointment only. To make an appointment please telephone 01900 705750, call in personally or online through Patient Access.

All doctors and nurses see patients by appointment, but  real emergencies will be seen at short notice.  Surgeries are held, mornings, afternoons and evenings from Monday to Friday.  It is usually possible to pre-book to see the doctor of your choice. It may not be possible to see the doctor of your choice for urgent appointments.

What's the problem?

When you ring to book an appointment, the receptionist will ask for a brief idea of the problem. This is so that they can offer you the right type and length of appointment, with the right person. If you prefer not to say, that's fine, just let the receptionist know.

Please be aware that GP face-to-face appointments are 10 minutes, and telephone appointments are 5 minutes. GP's will always give each patient the time they need to ensure their healthcare concerns are met, so if you believe you may need a longer appointment, please speak to our reception team at time of booking. If it is possible to book a double appointment or book an appointment with a Nurse for longer, we will.

Who to see?

You don't always need to see a doctor. We offer a wide range of services provided by our nurses. They often have more appointments available. Sometimes the reception or administration staff will be able to help with your query, e.g. for test results or enquiries about letters or forms. If in doubt the receptionist can advise. You can also consult your local Pharmacist as they can often deal with your medical complaint.

For ongoing problems we recommend that you see or speak to the same nurse or doctor each time, wherever possible.

Arranging to see a Nurse or Healthcare Assistant

You can make an appointment to see a nurse or healthcare assistant by telephone, by visiting our reception and also through Patient Access (please see the notes below under Online Appointment Booking before appointments for nurses and HCA's). The length of the appointment depends on the reason for the consultation, so the receptionist will ask.


If you have an appointment and are no longer able to attend, please let us know so that we can give the appointment to someone else.

If you are late you may be asked to make a new appointment.

Online Appointment Booking

You can book an appointment through Patient Access once you have registered. Patient Access allows you to book, check and cancel appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  For further details on Online booking please see "Other Information - Patient OnLine".

When booking appointments for nurses please use appointment types Nurse Routine or Treatment Routine - online bookings can only be made for Cervical Smears, Dressings, Ear Syringing (after 14 day drops/oil), Sutures and Clip Removal and Swabs.  For other nurse appointments please contact reception.  Unfortunately appointments for Asthma, COPD, CHD, Diabetes and Hypertension clinics are not available online.

When booking appointments for Healthcare Assistants (HCA's) please use appointment type HCA - online bookings can only be made for Blood Pressure checks, Blood Tests and ECG. For INR's please use appointment type INR/HCA.  For other HCA appointments please contact reception.

Alternative appointments may be available by contacting reception if the date/time you require is not available.

Inappropriate use of this access system can lead to removal of your ability to book appointments online.

If you have already registered to use our online services, please click here to book your appointment.

Understanding our appointment system

We are often asked the question 'I don't understand how your appointment system works' therefore we have tried to put together some information for patients to help answer this question and ensure you get the most from your appointment. The information leaflet is available from the surgery waiting area or click here to download a copy.


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