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COVID vaccination booking line 01900 705352 or 01900 705397- please note these lines are extremely busy, please keep trying. These lines are open Mon- Fri 9am to 5pm. The best way to contact us is using our online contact us form

Castlegate & Derwent Patients: we will be in touch when it is your turn no need to call us

Other North Cumbria Primary Care Network patients please telephone 01900 705352 or 01900 705397- Please note we are currently only able to book over 45's or over 18's with underlying health conditions, carers or frontline health care workers (COHORTS 1-9)

UPDATE 24th APRIL 2021

Did you receive your 1st AstraZeneca COVID vaccination at the surgery in February?

It is now time for your second dose! We have clinics available next week. Give us a call on 01900 705352!

We have been busy telephoning, messaging and writing to all Castlegate & Derwent patients who are due their second dose but we do have some that we are unable to reach. If you have not heard from us then please give us a call on 01900 705352 or 01900 705397(9am- 5pm) alternatively you can use our ‘contact us’ feature on our website.

Not one of our patients? that's not a problem, if you fall into the eligible cohorts then you can come to our surgery in Cockermouth to receive yours. Give us a call to get booked in to one of our vaccination clinics telephone 01900 705352 or 01900 705397


On the 18th January Castlegate and Derwent Surgery expressed interest to become a Covid Mass Vaccination Centre for North Cumbria, and registered the aspiration to deliver 1000 vaccines every day over 7 days per week.

On Friday the 12th March we contacted the National Booking Service to be part of a small, initial wave of GP practice groupings, which would use the booking service to provide vaccination services to patients in cohorts 10 to 12 once we are allowed to do so (that is ages 18 – 49).

Please note our current clinics are for 45 years and over, as we MUST follow the JCVI cohorts. More updates to follow.

We have confirmed our position to the North Cumbria Clinical Commission Group; who duly supported us in the process.

We have actively advised all North Cumbria Primary care Networks that we would provide a vaccination to any eligible patient who is willing to travel to Cockermouth, and we can now confirm that we have enough vaccine delivery to be able to provide the service.

Please share this post so we can get North Cumbria vaccinated to get back to normality as soon as possible

To book your appointment please give us a call on 01900 705352 or 01900 705397 between 9am and 5pm and we can book you in. Please be aware these lines will be extremely busy but please keep trying!

Alternatively you can contact us using our online form



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