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Thinking of taking part in research?  How our patient has gained success by taking part in one of our research studies.

‘Life changing’….‘amazing’…. ‘finally real relief from debilitating symptoms’ are all words that our patient Mary Dodd used when we caught up with her following her successful participation in the Relieve IBS-D study at our surgery.

  • How did you find out about the Relieve IBS research study? I was contacted by letter to join the research study for Irritable Bowel Disease. Having a diagnosis of IBD for over 12 years I felt I had nothing to lose having tried everything else I decided to give it a go.
  • How much of your time was taken up taking part in the study? The study was easy and slotted straight into my daily life. All it took was four, 30 minute visits to the surgery to see Dr Philipsz and Jackie the Research Nurse. I was required to complete a daily diary online that took only 30 seconds to complete and a short questionnaire at the end of each week all that could be done at home using my Ipad, as well as receiving useful reminders which was great.
  • What was the outcome for you? And how did you find the whole experience? Absolutely amazing and gave me great relief from my debilitating symptoms, finally I can leave the house, feel confident, enjoy life and I am so grateful not to feel restricted by my condition. The whole experience was very easy, positive, relaxed and informal with the convenience of taking part at my local GP surgery.
  • Would you recommend taking part in the study to other patients?  Definitely, give it a go! Before I started the research I felt like I had exhausted all other options, feeling at times I was at the end of my tether but the research gave me the chance to make things better. The whole process is very easy and through my visits to the surgery and the information pack I  received I had all the information I needed.
  • Do you have any feedback or advice that you would give to other patients? There is no pressure, is very simple and easy to take part in, my tips would be stick with it and don’t give up, be honest with your diary and be enthusiastic. At times you may feel like not sticking with it but Jackie is there on the phone with positivity support which is just what you need. By writing my daily diary and seeing it recorded made me realise that how bad my symptoms  actually were and how it was impacting on my life.

I know lots of people just feel they are stuck with IBS symptoms but I have found a treatment that works for me and would like others to read my story and try it for themselves, there is no stopping me now!

The surgery take part in a whole range of research studies for many conditions, if you are interested in taking part of one of our Research studies please contact Jackie Smith our Research Nurse for information about taking part.

Published: Jan 28, 2020


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