Telephone appointment booked with one of our clinicians?



  1. Do we have the correct phone number to reach you on?
  2. Is your telephone in signal, not on silent and available to answer?

Last week we had 29 telephone appointments where our clinicians were unable to reach the patient who had a telephone appointment booked.

Our clinicians will make various attempts to call you, up to 3 times.

Example: Appointment booked for 11:00am. We will call at 11.00am, 11.05am and 11.08am but after this appointment time has passed we are then onto our next patient and are unable to try again, this will then go down as a DNA.

Top Tip

Why not give our Reception Team an alternative number that we could try.


Let's get these telephone DNA figures down to free them up for other patients who need them.

Update contact details

Published: Aug 2, 2022