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 Self help for minor illness

Every year millions of us visit our GP with minor health problems that can be easily resolved without a doctors appointment.

It is estimated that every year 50 million visits to the GP are made for minor ailments such as coughs and colds, mild eczema and athletes foot.  By visiting your pharmacy, you could save yourself time and trouble.

Self Care

Keeping a well stocked medicine cabinet at home can help you treat many minor ailments.  Coughs, colds, indigestion and many other minor complaints can be treated with medicines available over the counter.

Your pharmacist can advise on what you might find useful to keep in your medicine cabinet.  Always follow the instructions on the medicine label and consult your doctor if the illness continues or becomes more severe.

Self Care for life - Take Control

Self Care is about being knowledgeable about your health and taking measures to stay well.  This year’s theme is “Self Care for Life – Take Control” and the intention is to raise awareness of how you can take control of your health, and ultimately take control of your life.

We want you to Self care for Life.  Become more health conscious and choose healthy options that will impact positively on your physical health as well as your mental wellbeing and self esteem.

Self Care for Life means eating properly, taking regular exercise and looking after your symptoms of common everyday illness.  Take control and recognise when to self care and when to seek advice, and if you need advice, think about your local pharmacist or whether a visit to the surgery is necessary.  And, if you have a long term condition, understand that condition and how to live well with it daily. Self Care for a good Life - Take Control!

Find out more about self care by visiting www.nhs.u

For additional information on self care please download these following fact sheets:

Find a pharmacy

Local pharmacists can offer professional free health advice at any time - you dont need an appointment.  From coughs and colds to aches and pains,  they can give you expert help on everyday illnesses.  They can answer questions about prescribed and over the counter medicines and also can advise on healthy eating, obesity and giving up smoking.  Some pharmacies also have private areas where you can talk in confidence.

Search for your local pharmacy using your postcode on the NHS website: Service search.

If you pay for your medicines please Click here  for a Prescription Pre-Payment Certificate and follow this link for information on Health Costs.



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