Advice For Travellers




If you are travelling and require vaccinations we offer a full vaccination service at our Dispensary.

Our fully qualified team will discuss your requirements and provide both NHS and private vaccines. This service streamlines travel advice for our patients and provides a wider range of appointment times.

We are a registered Yellow Fever vaccination site- please note charges may apply for vaccinations.

If you require further information about travel vaccinations please visit our onsite Dispensary or call 01900 705750

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Why the doctors do not prescribe tablets to help patients who have a fear of flying?

Patients sometimes ask the doctors to prescribe Diazepam, or similar drugs, because they are frightened of flying or to help sleep during a flight.



Ready to complete your travel vaccination form? 

You can either collect a form from our Reception desk or Dispensary. Completed forms should be returned to our Dispensary for processing.

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Other Travel Information

You can also visit Masta Travel, Fit For Travel or Travel Health Pro to find useful information before you visit the clinic.