Familiar Faces




The Familiar Faces team is a unique service in North Cumbria. We work alongside the primary care staff at your surgery to improve wellbeing for people with long term or complex health conditions. We understand that living with these conditions can severely impact your quality of life and bring you into frequent contact with your GP and other health services.


What does our service offer?

  • Time to talk – We offer longer appointments, which gives us time to better understand your circumstances.
  • Links with community resources – Supporting you to access local organisations and services.
  • Support – Navigating the healthcare system.
  • Understanding – We use a combined approach, which means that while we acknowledge that your physical health is a critical factor, we also recognise that your psychological and social needs are important too.

What happens next?

We may send you a letter or contact you by phone to invite you to meet with us. We offer extended appointments (50 minutes) so that we have time to discuss your needs in detail.

Working with you, we will put a plan in place that best suits your needs. This may include further one-to-one appointments with a psychologist or living well coach, or signposting you to a more appropriate organisation.


Who we are

A team of psychological practitioners that is committed to you, the patient, working alongside general practice staff to improve the quality of life for people with long-term or complex conditions.

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of clinical psychologists, assistant psychologists and living well coaches.

Ruth Williams
Ruth Williams
Clinical Psychologist

Sally Heppell
Sally Heppell
Living Well Coach