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West Cumbria Age UK

'We're Age UK West Cumbria and our goal is to enable older people across the region to love later life. We believe that your later years can be fulfilling years and whether you’re on the quest to live well into old age or if you’re going through tough times, we’re here to help you make a positive change.'

Information and advice, Information resources, appointments with specialist advisers, activity space and range of activities. help to access support and activities in the community.

West Cumbria Carers

Could YOU be a Carer? 

"A carer is anyone of any age who cares, unpaid, for a friend or family member who due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction cannot cope without their support".

At West Cumbria Carers we have been supporting people who care for 25 years.

Mealshare- Kings Church, Cockermouth

'We currently take food from a company called FareShare who collect over produced food from manufacturers, growers and suppliers, and sell them to charities like ours at low cost.'

We take the basic ingredients, and have chosen to create meals from the ingredients to offer to people who for one reason or another need help over a period of time. Hence Mealshare. So far, we’ve made meals like Chicken Casserole, Beef and mushroom casserole, Pork and Bean casserole, Chicken curry. We’ve also been able to give out lots of fresh fruit and yogurts etc that can supplement meals.' 

'The meals are either delivered fresh on Wednesdays, or frozen so that the user can pick them up (any morning) or arrange to have them delivered frozen - all they have to do is either reheat (from fresh) or defrost and reheat. We can organise meals for couples or for singles depending on the situation.'

'Mealshare is part of Kings Church Cockermouth, but the clear aim is support for those that need it. We’re working alongside Foodbank (not in competition with them), which is great in that there are two options within the town for those who need help.'

'We’ve had to go through various regulatory issues like food and hygiene law etc and we’re being helped by ABC and CCC in what we’re trying to achieve in the locality.'

Mealshare is open to anyone who:

1) Is in crisis due to ill health - we are currently giving meals to people who, because of illness, can’t cook for themselves or their partners or struggle to cook because of a medical emergency. 

2) Is in crisis due to an emergency in the family - it could be bereavement or sudden illness, or it could be an issue about employment, or sudden separation in the family.

3) Find themselves with a serious cash flow issue and need help over a very short period

4) Find themselves struggling with mental health issues and cannot find the energy to cook etc.

So, in essence, its a free to end user support through meals

  • Contact Paul telephone number: 01900 821100
  • Kings Church website:
  • The Hub, 2 Market Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9NJ
  • Email:


The North Lakes Foodbank helps individuals and families in crisis, through the provision of emergency food supplies. All food is given to people who are experiencing crisis identified by care professionals – Advisory services for welfare and debt, Medical teams, Social Workers, Housing floating support teams, Childrens support teams, Church and Community/Charity Workers.  We have more than 125 of these care professionals who are voucher holders for us. They give out vouchers which are exchanged for the food which is nutritionally balanced to last the individual, couple or family 3 days. The amount of people through our Allerdale and Copeland we are feeding each month is growing rapidly, over 100% rise year on year. Some of the needs are as a result of benefit delay, low income, ill health, homelessness, sickness and housing issues. 

We collect food from customers at supermarkets, churches, schools and through local groups. We see food as a catalyst for change by providing emergency food immediately to meet a crisis situation with some practical help while Care Professionals look at longer-term strategies. 

Safeguarding Cumbria

Safeguarding is everyone's business. Abuse takes many forms, if you are concerned about a person's safety and well- being report it. Our local Allerdale contact is 0300 303 3589 or visit

If someone is at immediate risk of harm call 999


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