How Healthy is Your Heart?




The Heart Age test gives you an idea of what your heart age is compared to your real age.

You’ll also find out:

  • the number of extra years you can give your heart age by making some healthy lifestyle changes
  • the importance of blood pressure and cholesterol levels in estimating your heart age
  • how to improve your heart age by eating better and moving more

This test is suitable for anyone aged 30 to 95. It is not suitable for anyone with a condition that affects their heart or blood vessels (a cardiovascular disease).

We’ll be asking you details about your medical history, including your:

  • weight  
  • height  
  • blood pressure  
  • cholesterol

If you do not have your blood pressure or cholesterol details, you can still take the test, but the results will be more accurate if you’re able to supply them.

For more information or to find out your heart age visit What's your heart age? - NHS

Published: Oct 24, 2022