Patient Focus Group Activities





One of the recent topics we have been working on with our Patient Focus Group is communication.

Primary care and the services we offer patients is constantly changing, we receive feedback that our patients are unsure of who to see, what services we offer, best time to call, new technology that may be helpful and quicker to receive care.

With the help of our Focus group we have created a ‘Useful Information’ leaflet that is available in our waiting room and is being distributed locally. The leaflet highlights the areas that our patients may find confusing and are possibly unaware of.

image of the patient focus group leaflet

We are encouraging patients to keep a copy at home for the next time they need to get in touch.



PFG Member at a Roadshow

Members of our Patient Focus Group helped us communicate our useful information to the patients of Cockermouth about the services we provide.

Sainsbury's and the Lakes Centre in Cockermouth kindly allowed us to take base in their entranceways.

The aim of the activity was to get out and about engaging with our patients, chatting and taking feedback from them about the service the surgery provides, we will use this to learn and help make improvements.

The group chatted to around 150 - 200 patients over the two roadshows and due to the success we will look to repeat the road shows again.

Look out for a surgery roadshow near you!

PFG member at roadshow

Image of a PFG Member

PFG Member

PFG Member