Non-NHS Services




At Castlegate & Derwent Surgery we strive to provide as many services as possible, below is a list of some of the additional services we can provide. Charges may be applied for this work (see price list below)

  • Private sick note                                                                             
  • Private prescription                                                                     
  • Private blood test                                                                           
  • Employment Medical(Pre/ post)                                                                       
  • Drivers medical (Taxi/HGV/PSV/ Rally)                                              
  • Drivers medical (elderly report and exam)                                  
  • Drivers medical (elderly report)                                              
  • Rally driver letter (no exam)                                                      
  • Holiday cancellation form/certificate                                             
  • Fitness to travel letter                                                                                              
  • Simple Letter                                                                                     
  • Fitness to participate in sports (exam and report)                     
  • Fitness to participate in sports (report)                                 
  • Adoption Medical and completion of relevant forms                   
  • Foster Care Medical and completion of relevant forms              
  • Foster Care 3 year review                                                               
  • Childminder health forms                                                                
  • Ofsted Report                                                                                             
  • Certificate of incapacity                                                             
  • Yellow Fever Vaccination: visit our travel advice page for full details 

Advice to patients requesting non NHS work

We would like to update our patients with the procedure when requesting non NHS work from the surgery.

  • Should you require the doctor to complete any paperwork you have, please be aware that this falls outside of the NHS framework and is completed in the doctors own time.
  • For data protection all requests MUST be made in writing and signed consent must be given.
  • You should provide information you require and the reason for your request. A 'request for medical information' form can submitted by clicking here.
  • Requests carry a fee which you will be notified of and an invoice will be sent to you. Please note we are unable to release any information prior to payment.
  • Methods of payment are detailed on the invoice. Please note that no work will begin until full payment is received.
  • Please allow one month from payment date for the doctor to complete your request. On completion the work will be sent out as per the request.
  • We ask that you DO NOT chase the progress of work if it falls within the one month timeframe. After the one month, if you have not received your work please contact us to chase.
  • If you are registered for online access you can print any information from your record for free, this can be used to support Housing claims and Personal independence claims etc.

Price List for Non-NHS Work

  • Private sick note - £50.00
  • Private prescription - Dependant on item
  • Private blood test (paternity) -Test dependant
  • Employment Medical Pre/Post - £135.20
  • Drivers medical (Taxi/HGV/PSV/Rally) - £135.20
  • Rally driver letter (no exam) - £25.00
  • Holiday cancellation form/certificate - Size dependant (from £30- £63)
  • Fitness to travel letter - Size dependant (from £30- £63)
  • Simple Letter - Complexity dependant (£20- £50)
  • Fitness to participate in sports (exam and report) - £135.20
  • Fitness to participate in sports (report) - Size dependant (from £30- £63)
  • Private Adoption Medical and completion of relevant forms - £135.20
  • Childminder health forms - £91.00
  • Ofsted Report - £91.00
  • Certificate of incapacity (no examination) - £50.00


  • Yellow Fever - £65.00